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As a minister, teacher and student of Universal Principles, immutable Laws that can be proven by anyone, I found myself the subject of painfully proving such a Law recently. Sadly, I allowed my human ego to make the decision in the matter. My body was the test subject and paid the penalty for not listening to that All-Knowing Voice.  Ignoring that Voice about the correct decision resulted in my own demise.  The decision? To eat too much flour-based food in one day.

I have discovered over the past few months that my body has developed an intolerance to gluten in food. Gradually, I have been reducing or eliminating gluten-based foods from my diet. This one decision has had incredible and positive effects on my body. Not only have the negative symptoms gone away, but my cholesterol levels have reduced, energy has increased, and I’m making healthier nutritional decisions for my diet. (If you do a search on the Internet for “gluten symptoms” – such as this site provides: http://glutenfreenetwork.com/faqs/symptoms-treatments/gluten-intolerance-symptoms-how-do-you-know-if-gluten-is-making-you-sick/ – you will get a better picture about this condition.)

Even with all the positive experiences I’ve been having by following this gluten-free practice, there have been times when I cheated on the diet. Just a little…without any major ramifications. However, this week I went too far in cheating. I succumbed to that ego voice that wanted the apple pie… and the tuna sandwich… and the crackers… all in one day. By the time I went to bed that night, my stomach and intestines were in such pain from trying to reject all this gluten-type food, that I spent most of the night and the next morning worshiping the porcelain god. The Law of Gluten reigned supreme!

Just like any Universal Principle, the Law of Gluten doesn’t care who you are… it is no respecter of persons. Anyone with gluten intolerance at the same level as mine, making the same bad decisions, would have similar results. The Law of Gluten is always there, invisible, and ready to be proven. Its effects, when disregarded, are similar in any one who decides to go against this Law. It’s nothing personal… it just is.

I am once again freeing my body (detoxing it) from the effects of this gluten allergy.  As long as I follow the Law of Gluten, I experience growing, positive results. If I disregard this Law, I pay the penalty, the effect, of my ego’s bad decision. I know what to do and which Voice to listen to. I have no one to blame. And it works every time. Perhaps you recognize this principle in yourself… through the Law of Lactose or the Law of Shellfish.

This painful experience has opened up my mind to new laws of nutrition I had never considered before. It also provided me a concrete example of how Spiritual and Universal Laws work in my life… and for everyone else… all the time, whether you pay attention to them or not. Ignorance of these Laws does not stop them from working…nor protect you from their effects or consequences.

Not only do I have a heightened awareness of the rules I will follow knowing the Truth about these Laws (and ALL Universal Principles), but I sleep much better, too.