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There was once a popular song entitled “Afternoon Delight.” While this writing is not about the lyrics of that song, recent activities have brought up for me the joy of living and the gratitude of being… which are best described by the word “delight.” Perhaps you can relate.

Things That Bring Me Delight

  • Recently I shared a swing set with one of my granddaughters. As we traveled back and forth in the wind, pushing our feet to and fro to go ever higher and higher, the little girl inside me was giddy with delight.  I remembered how much I always loved to swing.
  • Earlier in the week I completed the formatting for a new curriculum version of a class I just began teaching, and am thrilled with the depth and richness it offers my students.
  • Today, an old but working kitchen stove was picked up and taken away after sitting for days in the driveway with a “free” sign on it.
  • My almost-new dog is teaching me how she plays keep-away and tug-of-war with her toys. I got to buy new ones to replace the ones we’re wearing out.
  • I’m always ecstatic when I prepare my Sunday message or these blog writings and end up with more material than I need to use.
  • At bedtime I enjoy reading a book, checking up on my social media site to see what my “friends” are doing, then shutting off all the technology and cuddling up with my husband before dropping off to sleep. The routine makes me smile.
  • And on those mornings, when I get on the bathroom scale weighing slightly less than I did the day before, I’m very delighted with my progress.

Delight contains many aspects and emotions, but not necessarily all at the same time. Delight is joy and happiness… love… gratitude and appreciation… a now-moment experience… content­ment… peace… laughter. What I have found is that the more I recognize this feeling of delight, the more I find it. It shows up everywhere! It’s also very addicting.

I love this feeling of being so much in the “now” that life is totally fulfilling, no matter what is going on. By being so completely aware of what is happening right here, right now, my activity feels complete… as I’m experiencing it. There’s no concern about what’s going to happen next because this moment isn’t done yet. I’m not making any plans for the next project because I’m having fun with this one. And when other people are involved and we’re totally focused on whatever we’re doing, it deepens our relationship… creates a memory… strengthens our bond… and further clarifies our purpose in each other’s lives.

It’s a way to experience the full and loving presence of the Divine… live lightly… delightfully! Grab those moments; hold them for just a few seconds longer. Learn to really appreciate Life!

What brings you delight?