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The last two of the five steps of a spiritual treatment or prayer in the Science of Mind philosophy are “Thanksgiving” (Gratitude) and “Release” (Letting Go). I find myself focusing on gratitude so much lately, caught in a cycle of total appreciation for what I have and what is happening in my life – and then letting it go…releasing the feeling, the moment, the thing that held my attention – so that I can then find gratitude in the next moment or experience. In this way I am able to know an infinite abundance of experiences and gratitude.

As long as I am living, these experiences will not end. As long as I remain in gratitude, having sincere thanksgiving for all I have, learn and experience, the more Good will find me. I’ve written here before about having an “attitude of gratitude.” The reminder is timely, as I prepare to change careers and the focus of my work in just a few weeks. There is no need to wait months or years to see the good; it is clearly present now.

As I prepare to leave the company where I’ve been employed for nearly two years, I am grateful for the time I’ve spent here. Yes, for the salary it’s provided. But mostly for the people I’ve been privileged to meet here (some of whom have already moved on to other jobs). I can see the benefits of having been a part of this company, of what I have learned, and am proud of the projects I’ve created. It was a fair trade. Now I want something more and different than what is available here. No bad feelings. I have grown and so I choose a new direction. And in that, I am grateful that I have such a choice available to me.

I give great thanks for living in a place, a country, where unlimited opportunities abound, whether it be how to earn an income, where to live or go to school, who to marry, how many children to have, where to shop, religious choice, etc.  As I go through my day, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I am constantly reminded of the blessings I have now and have had throughout my life – even those experiences labeled “bad” eventually revealed their benefits.

As I release one prayer of thanks, another takes it place. So, too, as I depart this job, another opportunity will take its place. Spirit loves a void – so it can be filled with something better, something larger, than what was there before. I look forward with grateful anticipation of what will be created next. My life is filled with joy, love, prosperity and so much more! I let go of the past, even a moment ago in time; it can never be saved; never be repeated or lived again. And, once more, I give thanks for such awareness and move into the next moment.