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There is nothing like experiencing a health challenge, no matter how minor, to bring your focus of attention within. Within to the workings of your body. Within to your own consciousness about the experience and the duration. Within to pray that true healing is revealed, to pray for well being.

I like the term – well being – as a way to describe how I am and who I am. I am a well being. At the core of my body, my consciousness, my soul, I am well. I know in the deepest recesses of my mind that my circumstance is absolutely perfect – and that I’ll recognize how perfect it is at some point on this journey, sooner or later. A bit of physical discomfort cannot diminish the essence of me – a Spiritual expression in form…a being.

As I describe myself as “being,” it removes the worldly tags and labels so often associated with people in this life. Not a woman or man, professional or laborer, old or young…simply, a being. That word puts us all on an even keel, doesn’t it? And thinking of myself in this manner reaffirms the nature I wish to demonstrate: wellness, non-judging, balanced, open, and accepting. It declares that I AM, that my reason to exist is to express who I am – being me, with all my human characteristics, habits and uniqueness, is enough

Can you sense the difference and the potential it attracts? A Well Being vs. a woman with a nagging and minor health condition? When we think of ourselves as always well, we have the possibility of experiencing healing, positive results, recovery, and perfect health.

In the abundance of this great Universe, even the meaning of what constitutes “health” is variable beyond the space of these lines. So, too, does “wellness” expand the definition as it encompasses more than the physical, emotional, and spiritual. It includes all the Good of what we conceive Life to be and have within it. Thus, declaring to be a Well Being attracts to us all those possibilities we might neglect to list with our narrow minds.

Be open to attracting the unlimited possibilities of life and expressing as a Well Being. You are one with Life! Rejoice.