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Everything and everyone in creation has value, either to some thing, some process or experience, or someone else. Interestingly, it is our individual judgment or opinion that determines the value of whatever we’re considering.

While we may decide something is “bad”  now, we could just as easily determine (after a time and deep reflection) that it really was “good” to have had that person, thing or situation in our lives when it appeared. The goal, especially as one becomes more spiritually aware of the Oneness and overall Good of the Universe, is to see the benefit in all things as it is happening.

For example, consider this scenario: Perhaps you really don’t like your job anymore. First, acknowledge that you do have employment (good). The money is necessary for life and you get paid regularly (good!), but the satisfaction has diminished or disappeared (judged as bad). Although it’s been hard work amidst lots of company politics (bad), the skills you gained in your position have increased your professional worth (good) and you are respected in your field (more good). You know your work so well, that most days you can show up, do your business, and not feel stressed at all! But you miss the challenge. What do you do? You have several choices.

  1. You can continue on this current path and be satisfied with the good there is, as it is.
  2. You can complain about your job to anyone who will listen and attract that very same negativity into your life, perhaps resulting in your termination and loss of wages – before you’re ready for such a change.
  3. You can look for additional challenges (projects or other positions – in the company or elsewhere) that would test and grow you to another level; releasing the status quo and creating in another area…be of more service.
  4. You could develop interests outside your work and on which you could focus your excess energy, perhaps creating a whole new business, profession or personal outlet for yourself.
  5. Or…you could do any combination of these and more!

We all have a choice in how we respond to Life…to the Good that is all around us..to the very thoughts we think. Since it can be difficult and confusing to judge our own life experiences as to what is good or bad, we do well not to spend too much (or any) time, energy or thought judging others. We can never really know the full benefit, the good, of their experiences. We need to be concerned only with our own. It’s often just a matter of actually looking for the Good and being Grateful for what we DO have.

Gratitude is the best antidote for “the blues” or the “less than” feelings we sometimes bring to the surface of our consciousness. Gratitude for what already exists, starting with our very breath, life, and acknowledging everything else in our field of existence. It’s not always easy; we often like to place the blame for our bad situations elsewhere. Stop! An “Attitude of Gratitude” coupled with earnest prayer can do wonders to turn the day around and help us see the value in everyone and everything we experience in Life. Isn’t that what you would really rather experience?

Life happens…and it really is ALL good!