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In days of gift-giving, whatever time of year, it is wise to pause on the weight of our decision. What do we really want to give to those we love? How much focus do we place on the cost or size of our gifts to others? What is the most precious gift?

I’ve often thought the answer was time. If I only had more time, I could do… be… whatever. That is linear thinking, isn’t it? All we truly have is the present moment. Right here. Right now. When we’re conscious about this fact, we can make better use of our time. We can choose to do what is the most important to us in that moment, while simultaneously considering how our actions and thoughts of today will create our tomorrows, for they will. The gift of time can, indeed, impact how we live our life, but is it the most precious?

What about love? Love is indeed precious. Through centuries of Bible verses we have been told that “God so loved the world…” [John 3:16]. In this one verse it states that we are loved so much that God gave something valuable to us so we would have something even more priceless in return. Logically, one could believe that, while love is indeed a precious gift, apparently it is only an avenue to an even greater one.

Still, in the physical world where we live, move and have our being, we are encouraged to…“Write that letter. Make that call. Go see that person. Give that gift. Say that thank you. Grab that time together. Show them you love them now.” [from gospel.com] We find human and spiritual connection through loving acts. We feel good relating in positive ways with those we feel close to. What could possibly be more precious than love?

The answer can be found in many places, one of which is again the Bible [Romans 6:23]: “…the gift of God is eternal life…” Think about that for a moment: eternal life. Naturally, we’re not talking about this physical body existing indefinitely. In fact, we’re not even sure our consciousness remains the same, no matter how enlightened we may be. We’re talking about Life…the unseen force that breathes us…the invisible energy that inspires and creates through us…the Divine Power that exists in and as us.

We – as living expressions of God – with body, mind and eternal soul energy (Life) are the most precious gift! Imagine that! Dr. Ernest Holmes once said: “You and I are born out of God, and we are born out of a divine urge that creates. ” He also stated that “…Life is a blessing or a curse, according to the use we make of it.” Life IS precious!

So what use are you making of the life you have? Yes, your place in the material world can be important. But ask the even greater question: what are you doing as a soul-filled creation? Do you spend your time in ways that inspire the Life in you or others? Do you love the world so much that all bias and judgment are gone? Are you expressing in such a way that your soul, your Life force, is a gift of God? What about being a gift TO God in return?

Now there’s something to think about. Maybe God could use a nice present this year, too. Consider this affirmation as a starting point:

I express and honor this precious gift of Life as a loving gift of God.