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On a recent trip the airline flights were peppered with a variety of weather patterns. The conditions ranged from sunny to snowfall, with spatters of clouds, cold, wind, fog, and rain between. Shelter was readily available. No accidents occurred; only delays…and surprises.

The best surprise arrived during a flight heading north, away from grey fog, cold rain, and gusty winds. The plane climbed in altitude. It arrived in a clear and sunlit world above a puffy land of white clouds, blue sky, and blinding sunshine. I felt my body offer a joyful breath of relief as the plane travelled most of its journey in this bright heaven. I also noticed how my mind relaxed. My initial thought was, “This is what it means to rise above conditions and be ‘open at the top.’ ” Here is how the world and our challenges look when we take them to prayer.

As we connect with Divine Mind and move into Higher Consciousness, a more expansive perspective is possible. We can make this shift in perception through meditation, art, singing or just staring out the window of an airplane miles above the earth. While the details of life need to be addressed in this worldly existence where we live, move, and express our being, the importance of the minutia needn’t consume our every thought. Actually, the more often you visit this elevated viewpoint, the less impact the details may have on your psyche. You may find yourself willing to release control on tightly-gripped projects, allow trusted others to make decisions on your behalf, or just go along with the flow of life.

An “open at the top” mindset allows you to express your individuality and for others to express theirs; for all to accept and allow. It provides you with a new avenue of information to enhance your thinking. Such an experience gives you the opportunity to live an expanded life, in physical expression as well as in consciousness.  You can find serenity in the midst of a crowded airplane during a turbulent flight. You can experience peace within while a family gathering is displaying chaos and confusion around you. In fact, you may find such bliss in prayer that all other experiences so pale in comparison you won’t want your prayer time to end! It doesn’t need to.

Every thought is a prayer. Every loving act of life an expression of God’s presence. Every idea an inspiration of Spirit. Unless you are paying attention, unless you are open to even the most common of experiences, you might miss the messages of that still small voice…

Be open. Be inspired. Be surprised!