During the past few weeks, significant events from my past have resurfaced as memories worth noting. What has been so different about the remembering process, however, is that I’ve taken the time to appreciate the dominant ‘feeling’ experienced during each remembered event. Whether it was sad, empowering, scary, motivating or something else, I allow myself to feel what made that particular memory stand out, protected by my stronger and present Observer Self. I question why it is showing up now. Does something still need to be healed?

Gratefully, I’m often able to verbally express to my husband, family member or close friend what happened ‘back then’ and how it impacted my life up to the present moment. I give myself permission to track the behavior patterns that came from a particular experience. Then, upon deeper reflection, to determine if those behavior patterns still serve me as the person I am today. If not, what can I do to fully heal and release the past? What else do I need to do to re-pattern my behavior so I can move forward in a more uplifting manner? What Good came from that experience? There is Good in everything that happens; sometimes it just takes a long time to see what it is/was. 

Not surprising to me anymore, forgiveness is a key component for releasing the past and honoring it as an integral part of who you’ve become, and starting anew toward a vision of expanded living and higher consciousness. Forgiveness – of self, of others, or of patterns of behavior – does not mean we have to forget what happened. We can learn from all of it! Forgiveness does not mean we want to hang out with someone who abused us or that we approve of their behavior. Forgiveness does not create relationship with them. Perhaps we could have participated in a different way or wished we would have been stronger or kinder in some long-ago moment.

Forgiveness does open our heart and mind to connect with Divine Love. Forgiveness is an inside job. It’s to heal that which is in you that needs release so you can focus on the vision of your future self. If we try to totally block out a certain memory, we block out a piece of ourselves, our personal past. I know there are experiences I would never have chosen for myself. Yet, as difficult as they may have been…those experiences created the me I am today. And I like this NOW person.

I see memories and the forgiveness process as valuable Tools of Inspiration. Whether it was 50 years or 5 minutes ago, each memory provides a gift that supports me toward the vision of who I want to become. With this loving mindset, I look forward to witnessing what comes up from the past to teach me something about my today self. I now live life more fully, immersed in the present experience, knowing it will someday be a memory that inspires and supports a version of me not yet created, but a perfect me that  already exists in the mind of God.